Imperfect Aperture Maps for Perfect CGI Bokeh - Pre-Release

My dear artists,
I am working on a new product and am so excited about it, I couldnt wait to publish it!

Do you love Depth of Field and Bokeh as much as I do to spice up your renderings and achieve greater photorealism? I have the solution for your next step into more creative and more realistic renderings:
Custom Bokeh Shapes
I am working on the most comprehensive aperture map collection there is to use in CGI for engines like V-Ray, Corona Renderer, Octane, Arnold, Unreal and many more.
Check it out on my store:
I already uploaded 72 high-resolution textures and am working hard on improving them even further and adding more. All of them have, of course, imperfections worked in, just like a real lens would have - making your bokeh the most outstanding you can find!
With the final release, I aim on offering up to 100 custom bokeh shapes, sample renderings so that you have an overview how the textures look in production, a tutorial on how to use them and how to tackle noise.
Get it while it´s on pre-release sale for a cheaper price!
I have three kids and a regular job, so producing is sometimes harder than others. I am aiming to put the final release up until the 15th of February. Until then the price will steadily increase until it hits the final one (34USD). So get it, while its hot.
And as always, I appreciate it if you contact me to comment, criticize and complain about my stuff, so I can make it even better and find a solution for you.
Thank you so much for your support.
Warm Regards,

January 30, 2022