Animated condensation texture maps - FREE SAMPLE!

Are you struggling to create realistic condensation or rain drops animation to your product / arch viz shot?
Achieve photorealistic water condensation and water drops on your products with the Animated Condensation texture maps by Perfect 3D Imperfections!
No time to simulate hundreds or thousands of realistically moving particles on your object?
Just use these animated condensation texture maps in your shader as (normal) bump or add even more detail with displacement, using the height map.

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Check out the free sample:

You get:

-300 frames of animated liquid condensation droplets (10 seconds)

-8K and 4K resolution

-tillable ca. 30cm by 30cm in real-world map size so you can cover large objects without repetition

-Normal, Height and Alpha maps, fully tilable, to have total control over the look

These maps are based on actual tyflow particle simulation on a plane surface and then baked out.

The bottle visualisation is lit with HDRIs from my collection only, so feel free to check them out, if you like what you see (obviously, you would put even more work and effort into a real commercial than in my sample).
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I am planning on creating more variations of this - so if you have any requests, just let me know.

As always, if you have any question or critique and input, just ping me.

August 20, 2022